There was a nice view from my car tonight before picking up a gluten and dairy free pizza πŸ˜‰ I was driving home from my 12th and hopefully last laser hair removal appointment (my face is kind of red and swollen). The ride back was longer than expected because of the snow and traffic. That was not great considering my ongoing recovery from surgery, but I am okay after getting home and taking some more Advil.

.. and yes the pizza does taste very good!


Ari is Back!

I am going to stream tonight (12/10/17) from 8:30 pm until about 10 pm (central time). It is my first stream since my recovery began from gender confirmation surgery. I am still recovering, so I do need to try to limit the stream to a max of about 90 minutes.Β 

Please join me for some fun and gaming if you can!


My Twitch channel is:

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Every subscription or donation made from my channel’s page will help me bring retro and modern gaming content to you. You get to see my smiling face and chat with our wonderful little LGBTQ+ friendly community too!



So will you continue what treatments you used before the surgery? Or this the end of that?

No more spironolactone. I will be getting blood work in a few weeks to see if my estrogen amount will be reduced.