Time for a Stream!

I will be firing up my Twitch stream today roughly around 3:15pm central. At first, I will be chatting with whoever jumps on while I do some overlay work for the channel. Then, we will move into some PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and possibly some Jack Box 3 party games depending on audience participation.

It is a day of freezing rain in my area so it is a perfect day for a nice long stream safely indoors 😉

Hope you can stop by!


My Twitch channel is:


My Landing Page about my Twitch Channel: http://maidenariana.com

Please give me a follow there, or if you would like to help support my channel then please subscribe to channel either by credit card/paypal or by using a free Twitch Prime subscription (anyone with Amazon Prime can subscribe to one Twitch channel for free each month – https://help.twitch.tv/customer/portal/articles/2572060-twitch-prime-guide#option2 ).

Every subscription or donation made from my channel’s page will help me bring retro and modern gaming content to you. You get to see my smiling face and chat with our wonderful little LGBTQ+ friendly community too!


Hey tumblr.. I just wanted to say a quick thank you for 15,000 followers. I am glad my blog is enjoyed by so many people. I know from the messages and feedback I receive that many of you are not just here chasing selfie pics. It has been a wild three years!

Knowing that my blog could one day disappear from tumblr, I have been working on duplicating it elsewhere. You can now find nearly all of my posts in a format that makes it easier to jump more quickly back in time. Look for it on my personal website under Blog > ‘tumblr posts’ at http://arianadanielle.com

I am not going to stop posting here, instead items will be cross posted. I want my transition and experience to continue to be available regardless of if tumblr is always around or not. I hope my story continues to be a positive example for other transgender people or anyone looking to learn and find that we are just decent people dealing with being born a little differently from others.

Personally, I don’t think I will ever see being born transgender as being a curse. As I look back at my own blog and story, I see difficult times being overcome by finding positivity during dark times and ultimately a level of happiness being found that I previously could not fathom. Not only that, but things are still getting better!

Hang in there people! Persist!


@ariana_T_G on Twitter