A Walk Through Ariana’s Thursday 20180222

This is just a post about my Thursday from this week (yesterday). I was invited to dinner by a friend and she and I planned to meet not too far from my office after work. As a result, I tried to plan an outfit that I would be comfortable in for a rather long day. This lilac top is one I found at Clothes Mentor. I did my makeup in such a way as to try to work with the outfit colors and I was really happy with how it turned out. 

When it was time to leave for dinner, I just needed to stop in the restroom at the office and touch things up with a little powder, more eyeliner and lip gloss. I felt like my makeup lasted really well. She and I talked for well over 4 hours at dinner and it went by like it was nothing. We became friends through a mutual friend and this was the first time we got to hang out one on one. It was great 🙂

Other than my hair getting tussled about by the wind, this is how the look held together by the time I walked in after 11pm..

Considering how much of a slim budget I am working with lately, I was really happy with how the outfit came together.

For tonight, (Friday) I am off to the city to take advantage of a friend’s offer of free tickets for a live music show. More details on that later..




Sara Rose’s YouCaring



After a few months of discussion with my friend @crusaderquinn, we have set up a YouCaring to help me with getting to Seattle. I really want to start my life over on my own and we agreed this was a good way to start. I understand not everyone will be able to give to it. So any reblogs are appreciated greatly. This is really difficult and scary for me to do. I’m hoping it’s the right thing. I’m hoping my life will be better soon.

Please help out my friend! She needs to be happier and healthier. She needs to be away from her current situation. We have a loving and caring group of people in Seattle who are waiting to greet her with the all the love and support to get her life back on track.

Please help if you can. If you can’t donate, we understand that. I just ask to please signal boost this. Tell your friends and family. Reblog it here. Check out the site and share directly from there to other sites. Help us get the word out. ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you all so much!

Sara is awesome you all! She is a regular player on @crusaderquinn ’s twitch channel. Help if you can please -Ariana!