Time to Stream!Β 

After a month of working my little tail off on a major deployment project, I am finally having a week where there is not as much pressure. As a result, I am going to stream for a bit tonight. Please stop by my channel to say β€œhey, I’m from tumblr!” if you can! I think you will like our little lgbtq+ friendly community.


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A Visit With My Aunt

I went shopping recently to find a bargain dress to wear for a family visit with my Aunt, whom I have not seen in years. Needless to say there have been just a few changes in my life πŸ˜‰ I wanted to look my best and I think I found the perfect dress. I am a little obsessed with this machine washable wonder of a bubble skirt like dress! 😊😊😊

People often say how something fits them like a glove, well this dress hugs me like a second skin! It is amazing!

When the actual day of my visit with my Aunt came, it turned out to be a wonderful visit. I did wear my new dress. She gave me several big hugs and pulled me aside at one point to say that although she was anxious before, she was so glad to see the new me and that I was just beautiful. My heart was very warm when I took these pics! 😊🧑

I am nearly 4 years into my transition and there are still many family members whom I have not seen since it began. I need to plan more vacation time away to see them πŸ™‚


Yay for fall colors! My big project is deploying next weekend because there was another group with a large deployment already scheduled this weekend. This project will finally come to a close soon!