93 degrees.. so time to hit the pool 😉 and catch some sun! 🌞

This is a momentous day finally being at the pool in a bathing suit all healed from my surgery.

I didn’t shy away from the pool pre-surgery and went many times during my transition but now.. it is so different. All of the little anxiety moments about worrying how everything is fitting are gone. It’s amazing!

The pool was rather vacant when my kids and I first arrived, but as I am writing this post laying by the pool it is now extremely crowded and I am still totally comfortable being here.

I am over 40 and trans, beginning my transition late in life and having my second puberty in my 40s.. it’s never too late 😉

I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend (if you have Monday off like us).


After being sick for nearly 7 days, I made it out to the salon during my lunch hour and they helped bring me back to life 😉


I am feeling a little under the weather. I developed a shrimp allergy apparently and my throat swelled twice this weekend. Benadryl took care of it but it is still sore. No more shellfish for me 😭 My hair however, is golden 👑