9 Years of Transition in 8 Minutes
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Post-Op with No Regrets
You have probably seen certain headlines or heard certain talking points being discussed over the airwaves such as these: “Sex Reassignment Doesn’t Work!” “De-transitioners and Transgender Regret” “Sex Change Horror Story” et al. Exactly one incredible year ago today, and three years after beginning hormone replacement therapy, I underwent gender confirmation surgery or GCS. My results and my story are the polar opposite of these frightening headlines that are part of a narrative being pushed by certain groups. Folks, lean in close and listen.. it works!
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What is this place?
This is the personal website of mid-west transgender woman and IT Specialist Ariana Danielle. My goal is to provide resources for transgender people and their families, friends, and co-workers.
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Transition and Reason
Transition is a perfectly reasonable choice for a transgender person. If you think it has anything to do with who the transgender person wants to 'be with', then think again..
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Why So Many Selfies?
I was once asked this question from an anonymous follower of my blog..
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My take on the clobber verse
Deutoronomy 22 and The Verse Attack
The Verse Attack
Representation is Vital
Transgender people come from all walks of life and may transition at many different stages of life. This is not a new trend or simply a fad, even though your knowledge or experience of this may seem new thanks to it being a hot topic in the media.
Representation is Vital
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  • 9 Years of Transition in 8 Minutes
  • Post-Op with No Regrets
  • What is this place?
  • Transition and Reason
  • Why So Many Selfies?
  • My take on the clobber verse
  • Representation is Vital

Myths and Transgender 101 - Because Understanding and Acceptance Can Be Delayed By Ignorance

  • Lifestyle choices like this make me feel uncomfortable
    No one chooses to be transgender. All people are born with an innate sense of self. So little of the human brain is understood. Where does the imprint that is "you" come from? If you can't answer that, then why would you try to tell someone they are not what they say they are? Saying that you identify as a goat is not a witty retort to someone that is declaring their gender identity. Why would you insist anyone would choose something that certain members of society demonize? I would not wish this scenario on anyone and I have not "chosen" it for myself. I simply have a strong and healthy view of who I truly am. Now THAT is something I wish everyone had.
  • So you are transgender, it is great that you are so open about your sexual orientation!
    Wait.. what! This is a slight edit to an actual message I received. Being transgender and being out as transgender IN NO WAY says anything about my sexual orientation. The statement above implies that a transgender woman transitions simply to be able to have sex with men. This is not true! Sexual orientation is separate from gender. Repeat that in your head until you finally get it.
  • Isn't being transgender, a transvestite, or a cross-dresser really all the same thing?
    No, these terms are not synonyms. A transgender individual has a gender identity that is different than the determination of their sex at birth. A transgender individual's clothing and outward expression begins to match their gender identity as they grow to accept themselves or as they are able to transition.
  • People that are transgender just want attention
    Most transgender people purposely try to stay out of the public eye because of the stigma that society has placed on us through ignorance. Those that choose to be visible do so in order to try to take on both ignorance and harmful stereotypes. Of course, we also want people to stop attacking us verbally and physically (sometimes murdering us) simply because they fear what they do not understand. Calling attention to this violence is necessary!
  • I have never met a transgender person
    Actually you probably have. We come from all walks of life and once a transgender person transitions you may or may not 'be able to tell.' The population numbers for transgender people often repeated in the media are likely vastly underestimated. There is no accurate census data for us. We are just people going about our daily lives just like you.
  • If you don't get or want surgery, then you are not really transgender, right?
    Wrong! While many transgender people have surgery or plan to have surgery (as they try to financially plan for it), others are able to find balance and relief from dysphoria through accepting themselves and altering their gender expression. Others go through hormone replacement therapy and that ends their battle with dysphoria. There is no one perfect path that is followed by "real" transgender people.
About Me
Ariana Danielle Profile Picture Midwest Transgender Woman, Mistress of the Gender Labyrinth, She/Her Pronouns
For many years now, I have been putting my story out there through various forms of social media as I traverse the maze that is transition.

Halloween 2023 marks my 9 Year Re-Birthday
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