I would like to help with support, please tell me more about “Twitch” I have no idea what it is or how it works but I am a Prime member?

Hey, Twitch is a streaming service. There are thousands of channels on it. Mostly people use it to form a gaming channel and there is a live chat running while the streamer plays a game that their fans love to watch. But, lately Twitch is also used for everything from cooking streams, live touring a city, free instruction or how-to’s regarding art, music, creativity, etc. My channel is mostly gaming at the moment but is very LGBTQ+ friendly and I plan to do more than just play games (once I can afford a mobile streaming setup) with my viewers watching or also playing. To take advantage of your Amazon Prime Membership and activate your free Twitch Prime account (meaning you won’t see ads on the channels you visit).. follow the instructions below.. then you can visit my channel or another streamer and select “Subscribe.” This basically covers one $4.99 subscription for a period of 30 days, you can renew it each month for free and keep it with the same streamer or use it for a new streamer in 30 days. I hope that makes sense!

1 – Visit:

2 – Click the purple button to enable Twitch Prime

3 – If you intend to subscribe to my channel, then visit and click the purple “Subscribe” button in the upper right of my channel page. 

4 – You should see an option to pay using your free Twitch Prime subscription.

Also! Normal non-Twitch Prime subscriptions are currently on sale! So, even if you don’t have Amazon Prime you can subscribe to my channel for half of the usual cost (now only $2.50) thanks to Twitch’s sale (ends October 4th).

Thank you so much for caring enough to support my channel and I hope you will visit the stream tonight. I plan to stream shortly after 8pm Central tonight (Sunday 9/10/2017).


See you on stream!