Talked to my manager about time off for my surgery today so that is off the checklist 😉 Yay!

Firing up my stream to play a little bit of Battlegrounds before bedtime. It will be another 90 minute or so stream if you can join.

Twitch Subscriptions are ½ off until October 4th! If you thought about supporting my stream or another streamer, you should know that Twitch is running a sale on first time subscriptions right now! 


The stream will be up momentarily!

My Twitch Channel is:

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Please consider not only following me, but also subscribing so that I can offset the time and costs spent to bring the stream to you. Also, if you are not aware.. ALL Amazon Prime subscribers get a free Twitch Prime account, and that Twitch Prime account gives you one free subscription per month! That means if you use Amazon Prime, then you can support my Stream each month without spending any additional money at all! Details for that program are here:

Once you set that up, just visit my page and click Subscribe – then elect to use your Twitch Prime subscription. You will need to apply that free subscription to my channel every month if you want to keep it active. Or, you can always subscribe using the traditional method and paying with Paypal or credit card.


Also, please see my post from earlier this month, it is very important to me: