So.. I was supposed to be on my way to the Renaissance Faire today, but this morning I checked my mobile banking app to check my balance and saw a bunch of fraudulent transactions.

I am so upset!

Because it is a Sunday and tomorrow is a holiday, I had to rush to the bank to withdraw all of the remaining cash from my account before more transactions put a hold on the money. I called the 24 hour service line and they put a stop on my debit card but they told me I have to go through a claims process that can take 7 to 10 business days before those charges can be reversed. I am furious. I have my HOA fee due and the check has already been sent. So now Tuesday morning I need to go to the bank and hope that I can somehow keep enough in the account so that does not bounce. Also, my bank will not simply reverse the charges even though they are obviously fraudulent. They are going to make me go through a claims process . I mean look at this….

Who the heck spends $100 a time at a Speedway? They have taken $560 total from my account. This is all such garbage. I am recently divorced and recovering from a bankruptcy due to that divorce and now this happens. This is my only open bank account. I left a voicemail for my regular banker (whom I like, she is very sweet) and I started crying (couldn’t help it) on her voicemail while trying to explain how I am not sure how I am going to get through the next 10 days financially because of her bank’s lack of ability to help a victim of fraud that their systems allowed.


On top of it I had to miss Ren Faire because I had to deal with rushing to the bank and those phone calls immediately this morning. My friends car pooled up there and now I obviously can’t afford to drive separately this particular week.

(*** DEEP BREATHS ***)

I decided to just do what I can do still enjoy this day now that those phone calls are taken care of.. so here is my plan..

Ariana will stream Heroes of Might and Magic while cosplaying as her namesake MaidenAriana today on Twitch 😉

Why not right? I had my dress dry cleaned after all so why not still use it today 😉 Please look for a post this afternoon about the exact time I will start my stream. I am going to setup my standing desk and reconnect everything before I stream so I am not sure yet just what time I can start.

This day sucks so far, but let’s turn it around!