Today is apparently both National Women’s Equality Day and National Webmistress Day. Here are pics I took at the office Thursday. It was gorgeous outside. I got some stares in the parking lot before I went home, but who cares.

I am happy to continue working for the company that has stuck with me during my transition, even though I was the first employee to transition on the job there. I can also say that there are many women working in IT for this company and they of course deserve to have any pay gap totally eliminated. Actually, my old team that I recently re-joined is now comprised of 5 men, 4 other women, and now yours truly. So, we are no longer outnumbered in my particular IT group 😉

Also, I just want to say that on the national level rooms full of only men need to stop drafting laws and policies that affect both women’s rights (and I am not just talking about workplace rights) and trans rights. We can all work to fix that by voting voting voting!


Your friendly neighborhood Transgender Female Senior Application Architect (of software development) who moon-lights as a Website developer.


p.s. in addition to my personal website that most of you know about (, I own 20+ web domains all of which are business ideas I have (some day I may get to implementing one of them..), so yes.. totally a Web Mistress 😉