A warning to all of my trans followers. This person is taking content without permission, posting it as their own original post, while changing tags and misrepresenting the people in the images. On top of it, they are peddling some sort of feminization fantasy product using these images. I am a transgender woman. I am not a cross-dresser and I do not take kindly being represented as something that I am not. I also do not take kindly to being used to sell something that demeans transgender women and further puts us into the category of a fetish. 

Here is the photo they miss-appropriated from me:

I am reporting this person to tumblr (they likely will not do much and the person may come back as a new user even if they do). They are breaking several copyright laws, especially because they are profiting from the use of these images, I am tempted to call my lawyer who is also a transgender woman. I ask that if any of my followers see something like this again please let me know immediately.  I suggest you all unfollow and block lauranavin-cd

(I hope you can see why this person is doing something egregious)


I am grateful to the follower who pointed this out to me.


I wanted to follow this up by saying I apologize if I made it sound like I have something against cross-dressers. I simply do not like being tagged as something I am not and especially hate the idea that someone is perpetuating that transgender women are the same as cross-dressers (and profiting from it as well). We are totally different and I could write an entire article about why that is. It is not a judgement on cross-dressers, it is just a statement of fact. Transgender people are not cross-dressers and cross-dressers are not transgender people. Cross-dressers largely are happy being their gender as identified at birth, but happen to like dressing up as the other gender for their own reasons. Transgender people are born with a gender that is in-congruent with their declared gender at birth. It is simple. Now, please go forth and teach others.