Just a trans girl having a lazy Sunday watching track and field.

I found this London World Championships event on cable.

I have not had a day where I had nothing I needed to so in so long. Right now I am watching a very close and exciting women’s pole vault competition.

I hope you all are getting some rest too this Sunday. Even though this rest is great, I am itching to go for a bike ride and plan to stream later.


** Re-Blog With Update **

Lazy day is over! Bike ride time 😉

^^ Let’s get all of this hair out of the way ^^

^^ Protect them eyes ^^

^^ Safety first ^^

My ride was not my usual one. Due to major flooding lately, the bridge over the river in my forest preserve is being replaced and they have temporarily closed the whole trail. So, I followed a totally flat suburban route instead, thankfully most of the route had a marked bike lane. I did a shorter but 5 mile bike ride at an increased pace as opposed to an 8 or 9 mile one I normally would do in the forest preserve that has lots of elevation changes.

Lounging for a bit after my ride. 

Time for a quick shower. Then, I need to sign into my work PC for a software roll-out that I almost forgot about (see, I did have something I had to do today!).

As long as the roll-out does not go too late, I will probably stream some gaming later tonight. Take care all.