Day three (well counting full days anyway) in Seattle! On day three, I went with my sister, neice, nephew, and my daughter and son to the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. It was another beautiful day and we all had a lot of fun.

The first pic was just a quick no makeup shot showing some of the sun I have gotten despite my liberal use of sunscreen. The other pics of me are just more shots of me enjoying the nice lighting in my sister’s house after I got ready. I took one out in front of her place too.

I included a few of the shots I took at our destination. They are pictures of jellyfish, a Sumatran tiger, and a walrus.

After the zoo, we went to whole foods for some drinks and groceries. The final pic is me waiting in the car as my sister finishes strapping my nephew in his car seat.

I am posting this the evening of day four and my eyes don’t want to stay open. So I may or may not be completing another post tonight describing our outing from today to downtown Seattle.

Regardless, the message from Seattle is that we are having amazing weather and great fun out here. Yes, I did hear the news of the idiot in chief’s latest tweets about banning transgender people in the military. The fool could not even get the use of the terms right and basically called us all a slur.

I salute and thank every transgender person who is serving or who has served or who will still serve in the future. Just as no one can actually stop us from using the correct bathrooms, no one can actually stop us from serving if we want to do so. Good luck enforcing this nonsense you puppet of the FRC.

Take care all,
Luv, Ari