Streaming tonight (Wed 07/19/2017), but then I will be on vacation for a while! I am going to start streaming some PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds in just a few minutes. Tonight will be my last opportunity to stream before heading to Seattle to visit my sister for a week long vacation (leaving early Saturday). If you live out that way, who knows I just might bump into you 😉 

This stream is important to me because if my calculations are correct, when this baby hits an average of 8 viewers per hour.. you are going see some serious &#%^! 😉 But seriously, this should be the night that puts me into qualification to be a Twitch affiliate. That means I may eventually start to pull in just a little bit of monetary support from my streaming, which should allow for me to stream even more often and be able to accomplish some of the bigger things I have planned for my stream – so please join me if you can at:

 Trans representation matters and there is a growing community of trans gamers on Twitch. As stated earlier, I do plan to do more than gaming on this platform (referring to positive transgender representation).

Take care everyone!


Had to hard reset my modem and PC as my internet speed dropped to almost nothing, back up to a whopping 89 Mbps though so game on!