Had a dental cleaning to go to during lunch today. The weather is totally perfect!

Also, don’t judge me for wearing the same dress as from a stream earlier this weekend – the weather was too perfect for it and it of course has been washed 😉

Recently I was in another trans gamer girl’s chat room on Twitch and I was defending her from someone who was spouting the typical alt-right and Southern Baptist fueled Hate Groups (i.e. Alliance Defending Freedom, and the Family Research Council take your pick) lies about trans people. I can’t believe she didn’t ban him, but it was almost a good thing. I countered every “argument” he posted and who knows maybe he will think twice before doing that to someone else. Hopefully the others in the chat will do the same if they see his ilk again.

I have not been openly attacked on my Twitch channel yet, but I know it is only a matter of time. I am not sure if I will just instantly ban the trolls or try to teach them something about transgender people. I guess it depends if I think they are worthy of my time or not. Nothing will ever change if we always silo ourselves.



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