After my afternoon stream today, I made a quick outfit change then headed out to my parents’ house for a surf and turf dinner. My parents still slip up on the pronouns and use my old name once in a while. They do correct themselves usually though. It is not malicious when they make these mistakes, but it is still hard to hear. I explained it to a friend once that as soon as someone refers to me with the wrong pronoun, I do not hear the next few words they say. Even if I try to go back and think about what they said it is as if my brain just stops hearing their words for a moment. It sucks :-/ 

It was a nice visit today though and on the way home, I got to chase the sun a bit. It turned very red as it hit the horizon. All I could think of while watching it was.. wait would Supergirl’s powers stop working during a ‘red’ sunset? 😉

I want to thank everyone that has come by to support my Twitch stream. You helped make this weekend a fun one for me 🙂 I am very close to qualifying to be a Twitch Affiliate so that is really cool 🙂

I plan to stream again Wednesday night starting about 8:30 central time.

Take care!



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