Work conference call selfie time (waiting for others to join) 😉

My hair was kind of being a pest today (looking frizzy) so I decided to go with pig tails this afternoon.

My call is finished!

I was starting to feel a little tired so I searched my purse for some sugar 🙂

Thus ends our segment, “moments in Ari’s day.” 

Now for the real reason for this post.. something kind of cool happened last night.

Before bed I took a screenshot of my tumblr settings page:

It showed 9,999 followers, and this morning, it showed this:


So, there are now over 10,000 of you tumblrs following me. I appreciate that, especially because I do try to weed out the chasers and trolls who think transgender women are simply sexual objects to be consumed (hint: if you follow me or even comment or like one of my posts and your avatar is a picture of your genitals – you get insta-blocked – if you message me asking for nudes = insta-blocked!!). 

As for those who follow me because you are transgender or gender non-conforming, someone that genuinely cares for transgender

or gender non-conforming

people, or a person who loves someone who is.. THANK YOU. I am glad that my blog and my website are having an impact and helping people (and I know that it is because I get weekly messages from wonderful people across the world). I am especially grateful to those who take the time to send me messages of support or to say “Thank you for your positive representation and story” – etc. 

Since this does feel like a milestone, I am asking myself..

What should we do now? Time to storm the castle? Start a revolution? 

How about this for now? I am going to do my best to update my website in the coming days with the goal of adding even more resources. It is time for some re-thinking of certain sections like the news page that I never have time to edit. 

Also, I am still trying to become an affiliate with and plan to stream more than ever in the coming months. Even though Twitch is mostly all about gaming and building gaming communities, it can be a powerful platform for positive transgender representation. There are already several wonderful transgender streamers using the platform. With the fairly recent addition of the IRL broadcasting category (in real life), I see a potential platform to do some very cool and influential things for transgender representation and support.

So.. once again thank you so much!! Now, watch this space and see what we can accomplish! 

I will leave you with a couple of random pictures from the office on Monday. I got a couple of compliments on my dress and a friend asked where I got it (Old Navy during their summer dress sale). 

Finally, just a fun positive note to share.. just as I was leaving the office for the day on Monday (wearing the outfit pictured above), there was a young (probably 5 to 10 years or so younger than me) employee who held the elevator door for me to get on. He watched me get on then turned to hit the button and paused. After pressing “1,” he said, “I almost pressed 3, I sure don’t want to stay here!” I am not sure if I played a part in his little mental lapse, or if he was just flirting with me, or if that was some sort of opening for me to say something, but I just smiled and let out a little laugh. I was not really sure what to say 🙂 Later in my car I of course thought of a bunch of good responses, one of which was, “Yeah, I could sure use a drink at this point..”  Of course that would be what I should of said if I was looking to get asked out. You all can try to decide for yourselves if I am looking for that or not, and from whom. I’m not telling! Yet!


For my more recent followers, here are the links to other platforms where I share stories about my life and transition:

My website for Transgender Advocacy and My Transition Timeline and Pictorial:

My Gaming Channel on Twitch, come visit the channel and help me make affiliate by following and watching if you can when I am online! Trans representation matters and there is a growing community of trans gamers on Twitch. As stated earlier, I do plan to do more than gaming on this platform (referring to positive transgender representation).


I forgot to add a link to my articles on HuffPost: