Just a quick update from my first full day during my work trip to Birmingham Alabama. The first two pics were taken during a quick break from my all day meeting. The meeting has been going smoothly and once again I am being treated well by the many people I am meeting at the Birmingham office.

The last pic was taken at a place called Taco Mama where my team went for dinner. It was delicious and I loved my pomegranate margarita 🙂 As you can see, I was wearing my rainbow heart necklace in honor of pride month. (Also the humidity had done a number on my hair)

I forgot to mention that yesterday while I was at the airport (in my flowered sun dress ..see earlier post) my team and I went to Chilis in the terminal. The bartender was a sweet guy who at one point said to me “here you go, young lady.” I wasn’t the one running the tab either so he was not just angling for a good tip. He is now my favorite new bartender 🙂 Thanks Mike the Bartender, that made my day!