I am SO EXCITED!! πŸ™‚

My beautiful friend Rachel invited me to her sister’s wedding. It is a traditional Indian wedding so I will be wearing a Sari that I am borrowing from her. I did not get a photo of the outer garment wrapped around me. The photos above show off

the cotton drawstring petticoat, and blouse (or choli) and some minimal makeup. The Sari I am borrowing suits me perfectly and I can’t wait to wear it along with possibly getting my makeup done professionally. There were some threads caught and touch up issues with the Sari so I did not get a photo last night with the whole outfit. The choli fits though! πŸ™‚Β 

The wedding is in two weeks so expect a long post that Sunday night πŸ™‚

(* insert animated character squeeee here *) πŸ˜‰


Thanks for the nice comments, I think I would be breaking the rules if I wore only this without the Sari though πŸ˜‰