Visiting Family

I had a very nice visit bringing the kids to my Mom and Dad’s. My parents made an excellent lunch. I got to spend some time with my sister and my 5 month old niece too 😉 It was a bright beautiful day today. My son and I threw a nerf football around outside too which as always was fun but a little chilly! My daughter and I took advantage of the great light for some selfies, (okay I took a lot of selfies, lol).

I think I took so many because I was feeling happy. My parents tried much harder today to get both my name and pronoun usage right. After it not being an issue at all anymore with my friends and co-workers, the only time I was hearing my old name and the wrong pronouns was while visiting family or while on the phone with telemarketers. I talked to my parents about a month ago asking them to please try to re-double their effort in changing their habits of how they address me – and they have 🙂 Thanks Mom and Dad!

I just wanted to share this happy feeling. 

OH! I forgot to mention that as of March 1st I am officially at two and half years of HRT! Woohoo!

I hope you all have a great rest of the weekend.


My goal in sharing my transition is to represent transgender people in the positive light that we all deserve. Re-blogs are always okay if they are for this purpose, but if you are a fetish blog or fetish website then I want nothing to do with you and you do not have my permission to use my images.

Thank you for the kind comments. I am glad my blog is helpful to so many of you. 🙂