No Stream Tonight. Sorry you all :-/ I just got home from my visiting my parents with my kids. I dropped them off tonight, then ran errands related to hosting an all day party tomorrow. Tonight, I need to publish a newsletter for a small business client of mine, then I need to clean for tomorrow! 

The pics above were taken at my parents when I paused in the bathroom after playing catch with the old nerf football with my son, hence my once again wind-blown hair. My daughter joined in too a little later on so it was a lot of fun and it was a perfect day outside (sunny in the 60s). 

Also, something really cool happened.. my parents did not outright misgender me once this visit. There was one almost slip up, but there was a correction before the word even formed in their mouth. They are getting better at the pronoun thing 🙂

My sister and niece were there too so we brought her a present to celebrate her first birthday. 

My mom asked me if I wanted to pass down to my son some of the old coats she found. One was my basketball letterman jacket, with my old name embroidered on the side. The other was a Chicago Bears coat. My son was excited about the bears coat and it fit him perfectly. The letterman jacket was a little too big, but my daughter came in and said, “oh cool!” Guess who took the letterman jacket.. 😉 She was so excited because the colors were light blue and a golden yellow. In her words, it was “just like Riverdale!” We figured she could pull the stitching out on the name or find a patch to put over it if she wants.

She had me take a bunch of photos of her wearing it and she said, “wow you were a jock!” I laughed and said, “well I played sports, but I was no jock!” Everyone laughed at that.

It was a short, but great visit.

Anyhow, I need to get to work, but perhaps I can stream on my twitch channel tomorrow night after all of my guests leave. We shall see.