Looks like it’s back to the men’s room dude. Thanks President Trump.


I’m so curious to know, how does it feel to be so vacuously uninformed and short sighted?

First of all, he only rolled back federal guidance on the issue. No law has changed. Thankfully, the legality is still squarely in the hands of the court system. Don’t get me wrong, though, Trump is a promise breaking, small minded, narcissistic, dumpster fire of a human being and it was wrong of him to even roll back the guidance, especially since he only did it to pander to the bigots in the religious right.

Second, this only applies to students in public education. So even if it was law which, again, it isn’t, it wouldn’t apply to me.

So congratulations, moron, your lame attempt to spit hate at me only managed to highlight your own stupidity. Feel good now?

But let’s pretend, just for a moment, that you weren’t an abject failure, and that this did affect me and I was legally supposed to start using the men’s room. Let’s play out a couple scenarios. I’m confident you’ll quickly see why this policy is so poorly thought out.

1. I could flagrantly break the law, continue using the women’s restroom, and no one would know the difference. Yes, in countless many cases, the law would be completely ineffective and unenforceable. Sure, you could keep the trans women who don’t enjoy ‘passing’ privilege out, but tons of us would still be in those bathrooms every day. So, congratulations, you’ve accomplished very little. Never mind the fact that we’re not hurting anyone or putting kids in any danger. It’s an empty claim, a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist, and it’s a highly ineffective ‘solution’ at that.

2. I probably wouldn’t choose to break the law, simply because that would be so very much worse for people like you. Let me illuminate your painfully dark existence… If trans women like me started using the men’s room and brawny, bearded trans men started using the women’s room, it’s actually going to create problems where none previously existed. Women will be freaking out at the trans men in their restrooms. Men will be completely uncomfortable having pretty women that they find sexually attractive in the place where they have to have a bowel movement (not to mention that they’ll know we were born with a penis, which will totally wreck their fragile male egos). Before you know it, trans men and women will be getting attacked in restrooms all over the country. The law that was passed to protect people in the bathroom (when no one was in any danger and no trans people were attacking any women or kids) will have caused many, many attacks to occur, and trans people will clearly be the victims. Public sympathy will swing in our favor so fast it’ll snap all support for this or any other anti transgender legislation out there. Would I be willing to take a beating for that? You fucking bet I would (and you had better believe that anyone who tries to attack me isn’t going to walk away unscathed because I’ll fight back with every ounce of strength in my body).

So please, laugh it up, you shallow fool. Enjoy your tiny ‘victory’ delivered to you by your reality TV ratings driven president and his bigoted attorney general. At best, it’s temporary and at worst, should your team manage to land a few more similar wins, it’ll ultimately bring the downfall of your whole agenda. Your move…

I should probably take a moment to mention that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity you’ve given me to write about this, and that you’ve put a smile on my face and the spring of being on the right side of history in my step. I bet the same can’t be said for you right about now and, if that’s the case, you might want to take a hard look at the cost/benefit ratio of being needlessly hateful.


This should be shared far and wide – very well written response Kayden.