So, I took over hosting a party for a friend today. She had a scheduling conflict after inviting a bunch of friends (thankfully I know them all too). I had provided just some basics (below) but people showed up with lots of goodies. Around dinner time I whipped up a thai stir fry that most of my guests also enjoyed.

Ari the hostess

I setup my place for the usual gaming, music, movies, whatever type of party and it all seemed to workout pretty well. I had a great time at least 🙂 Also, there is tons of stuff left behind from everyone so yay for extra food! 

I was debating whether to stream or not since I literally just finished picking everything up. I figure, why not do a 90 minute stream before bed.. so I am firing up my channel in a few minutes. 

Please join if you can for some gaming and discussion!


The stream will be up momentarily!

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