I had a typical busy work day today, went with a messy pinned back hair look for part of the day. Of course, my day was interrupted with many headlines like this..


Even though we knew this was coming and that there are still many more attacks on transgender people to come.. it hurts. The people that should be working to protect the most vulnerable communities are instead engaging in an effort to harm those communities. 

I am furious. I am scared (for trans kids in particular right now). 

However, I am also determined. I will keep doing what I can do to show whomever will pay attention that transgender people are valid, are not mentally disturbed and that we can not only survive, but that we can thrive in this world. 

No president, no vice president, no senator, no state representative, no TV news anchor, no pastor, no “religious” organization, no internet troll, no family member, no random stranger, and no bully will EVER cause me to take a step back on this amazing road I have been privileged to travel.

Being transgender is a GIFT.

Each of us is a gift to this broken society that wants to produce perfectly conformed and perfectly gendered cookie cutter drones.

We refuse. We will hold our ground. We will continue to move forward.

This does not mean we aren’t allowed to hurt and reveal our pain. 

I had a crying spell tonight. It stemmed primarily from me mentally putting myself in the shoes of trans kids who are reading these headlines and who have to face school tomorrow. 

Ever notice how once you have a decent cry (and it is important to have those cries and release that energy), and you begin to clean yourself up.. that you can see something beautiful in the mirror? Your cheeks are flushed.. your eyes are glistening.. your makeup is rubbed off in places.. and yet.. the stress that was there before is (at least partially) gone from your face.. the moment you stop crying and begin picking yourself up is a beautiful moment.


It is time for us to pick ourselves up and begin to build a beautiful moment in time. Come together, lift each other up, check on one another, continue to stand your ground and tell your stories if you can do so safely.

Trans kids, trans adults, parents of trans kids, I love you all and just always know that the struggle is so very much worth it.