Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is a reminder to love yourself on this overly commercialized day 🙂 

It is my parent’s wedding anniversary so Feb. 14th does actually have some sentimental meaning for me (Love you both!).

I bought a red dress a few weeks back because the only red one I have is my Renaissance dress. Anyhow, the pics seemed appropriate for today.

This is just a quick post,

I am catching up on some work tonight and my kiddos are here as well. I do have more stories and life updates to write up later and hope to do so very soon.

One quick note: according to the U.S. Passport website status update, my passport application is in it’s final stages and should be mailed by 2/16! I am hoping this means there are no issues and they processed it correctly. I will certainly update once I receive it.

Enjoy your heart shaped pizzas or whatever it is you may do today for fun 🙂



My goal in sharing my transition is to represent transgender people in the positive light that we all deserve. Re-blogs are always okay if they are for this purpose, but if you are a fetish blog or fetish website then I want nothing to do with you and you do not have my permission to use my images.