Streaming at 3pm central/us on Sunday 10/8

It has been a wonderful weekend so far πŸ˜‰ Let’s end it with a fun afternoon/evening stream.Β 

I will fire up my LGBTQ+ friendly stream about 3 pm to play a variety of games such as Battlegrounds, Star Wars Battlefront II Beta, and maybe some Heroes of Might and Magic later on. My regular followers are a welcoming group and some friendships have already spawned in this little community we are building πŸ™‚

—IMPORTANT— Please remember to renew those Amazon/Twitch Prime Subs at

If you are one of the wonderful people that used your Amazon Prime account to activate a Twitch Prime account in order to subscribe to/support my stream. Please remember that your subscription (often called a β€˜sub’) needs to be renewed each month. You still get one sub free each month from that Prime account so please remember to renew and visit my channel to hitΒ β€˜Subscribe’ again if it has been 30 days. I lost 5 subs over the past week and while that is not the primary reason I stream, I do take time away from consulting projects and such in order to stream so your support is very appreciated.Β 


My Twitch Channel is:

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Twitch Prime – What is it?

Details for the Twitch Prime program are here:

Once you set that up, just visit my page and click Subscribe – then elect to use your Twitch Prime subscription. You will need to apply that free subscription to my channel every month if you want to keep it active. Or, you can always subscribe using the traditional method and paying with Paypal or credit card.


Raising Money For Surgery – It’s next month!

If you can, please consider helping me partially cover my upcoming surgery costs. Even small amounts are a huge help with the power of re-blogs and the number of followers out there. Time is starting to run out to help as I need to put money down soon and also I have a couple of specific preparation appointments coming up that I need to pay for ..

Thank you in advance if you can help at all