Hi everyone. This is just a quick post to answer about 12 asks from my inbox in one shot…

Yes, I am single.

Yes, I am dating again.

The quality of the person I choose to date is far more important to me than the gender of the person I date, so label that however you want regarding my sexuality.

If you “hit me up” after seeing one picture of me and know nothing about my blog or don’t even know what is in my profile/bio.. then no, I do not want to chat with you (especially if your profile pic is any sort of phallic symbol or worse.. a picture of your crotch! Those are automatic blocks for me! )

As far as what part of the Midwest am I from.. I live near Chicago, not far from the intersection of I-88 and interstate I-355 in Illinois. That is about as specific as I want to be for now.

A lot of you say you hope you are not bothering me by just dropping by with a compliment. Of course I don’t mind that! Nice people with nice comments are always appreciated (but see note about offensive profile pics) !

I will try to be more responsive with my asks. As many of you who actually read my blog know.. I am particularly busy right now with planning for some major upcoming events in my life.

I very much appreciate my followers and those who show that they care when my blog goes silent. Many of you take the time to tell me that my existence matters to you and yours matters to me too!