Streaming at 8pm Today – 10/21/2017 –

Should be playing Battlegrounds tonight with the always entertaining and lovely Charlie from thechuckster187.

In other news, I fixed my son’s laptop and I am super happy about it. He has a Republic of Gamers gaming laptop with an Nvidia 980M graphics card. Ever since he got it there have been performance issues. Even browsing on google was spotty for some reason. Page loads would take a long time. I re-installed windows and his games. Everything was great except for gameplay in FPS games like Overwatch. It turns out it was a specific issue with a windows service that ROG puts on some of its laptops. I disabled it to prevent it from running (the ROG Gaming Service III is what it was called). Now there is no lag and his FPS is through the roof along with massive ping reduction. My question is WTH ROG?!? You limited your own machine!

Anyhow, I am excited for him to get a chance to use it and see how powerful his laptop really is.

Tune in for the stream tonight and if anyone needs a machine fixed, I charge a reasonable rate 😉 (maybe just a twitch subscription to my channel).



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