My Surgery is so Close.. Or is it?? 

I am trying my best to still smile despite what is currently happening. In fact, I was broken down in tears today after getting off of the phone with the care coordinator at the hospital. 

I was supposed to have my surgery on Thursday of next week. I was already dealing with the stress and the expectation of that when I received a call on Tuesday telling me that my surgeon could not perform my surgery on the 16th due to his schedule. Okay..

However, he could do the surgery on the 15th. I agreed to it being bumped up a day and considered myself lucky to not have to wait an additional day for it. However, since then, I have had calls from the hospital letting me know that they are as yet unable to confirm that the operating room will be available on the 15th. I called them again today and they told me they will know for sure once they hear back from this other surgeon tomorrow who apparently had time booked but can likely move it. 

I have a sinking feeling that my surgery is going to be delayed and despite my best attempts at telling myself it will be okay, deep down I am NOT dealing with it well. Add to this the fact that I have already had to stop my HRT and I am feeling very weak, irritable and just “off” and you have a perfect storm. To top it all off, the hospital told me about an as yet unmentioned $1738 balance for OR fees. You know.. the OR I do not even know if my surgeon and I have access to yet? This is so nuts. I do not understand how I was the one to let my surgeon’s office know about the possible OR scheduling issue on the 15th, but I was the first to tell them.

I find myself in a position to put my youcaring link in front of you all again. I am sorry. I have met nearly all of the cost myself and was helped with the generous donations that did come in. Those donations actually only went far enough to cover the cost of my required pre-surgery electrolysis appointments. That is still HUGE and I am so grateful. I am happy that my website, blog, and being out has helped so many that they felt the desire to help me right back. You are all awesome.

With this additional sum of money that I now need to come up with. I ask once more. If you are one of the people that messaged me saying you would help later in the month, etc. I would be very grateful if that is now possible. If you have already given, please help spread this post.

Thank you. After all of this maybe I will end my technology career and instead be a professional medical care coordinator..


$1738 in new funds ASAP is the hope..

You caring Link:

Just a quick re-blog to say thank you so much to those that have donated since I posted this message. Close to $200 has already come in. On top of that good news, I just got back from the salon, where my stylist comped me a free re-work of my color. It looked good, but was not what I was really going for. This.. this is now very close to what I wanted!!

I wanted it more fiery and it is now 🙂 Needless to say, I am already feeling a little better despite not knowing what tomorrow will bring regarding my surgery schedule. Thank you so much for the donations and please keep sharing the message to spread the word about the link ( )

I am going to fire up my Twitch stream in just a bit and stream for at least a little while tonight to say Hi to everyone there.

take care all!