Update – The Scheduling Issues Are Resolved and My Surgery is Planned for Wednesday

I apologize for the late post. I had to run immediately after my work day to pick up my kids. I did get the call this afternoon that the operating room scheduling was finally confirmed. I have received $250 in donations (minus the youcaring fees) since telling you all about the unexpected $1738 (actually after talking to them today it is $1780) fee. That response is amazing. Thank you so much! At this point, I do still need every possible donation I can get if anyone can still help. 

I am now pre-registered for the surgery, but I will be discussing the remaining bill with the admittance staff on Monday. This surgery is going to happen. If I need to pay my mortgage payment late and eat ramen for the next month (once I can have solid food again) I will. 

Thank you from the deepest depths of my heart to all of those that have reached out with messages of support or donations. This has been a very stressful week and being off of HRT (as required for surgery) makes all of this that much more difficult to deal with.

Any help that can be provided is amazing but as always, please do not put yourself into a financial pinch to donate. The link is http://youcaring.com/helparianaout

It may show an odd sense of humor, but I made a countdown for the surgery time.. http://bit.ly/2hjcmCn

As for whether or not I feel ready. I have my coat right here.. can I go now?!?