I was able to start my day having brunch with a supportive friend 🙂 Since then it is has been all about running errands and cleaning/preparing my place for my recovery from surgery.


Two Days Ten Hours 30 Minutes and Counting!

I still have a lot to do but there is this excitement building in me that is hard to express adequately. I still have some slight irrational anxiety that something will happen that will prevent my surgery from proceeding. However, I have been sleeping better the last couple of nights. One reason why I have been able to sleep better comes from the recent donations from some amazing people out there. You all are blowing me away and helping more than you know. 

If anyone still is looking to donate.. please remember that even $2.00 donations make an impact, especially with the numbers of people out there that seem to be following my story (Holy cow.. 13,350 followers on tumblr now?? Hi Everyone!). 

If we can make one last little push here then I know my after-care and ability to order food, etc in the coming weeks will not be a stress point financially.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Donation Link: http://youcaring.com/helparianaout

My surgery countdown timer:  

My website: http://arianadanielle.com

My Twitch Streaming Channel: http://twitch.tv/maidenariana

(I will likely do one last brief stream tomorrow night before being away from it for a while due to my recovery)