Hi all. I am so much better today. I slept through the whole night. I ate a full breakfast and my spirit is getting back to a state of joy rather than just pushing through pain and discomfort. I had two very rough patches yesterday. They had switched me off of the possibly habit forming morphine and other pain meds to some that take longer to kick in. It was not a smooth transition and the timing of those meds had to be adjusted. I basically was very upset and crying in pain for about 45 minutes the two times that happened. I would be able to breath through it at times but then the pain came back in stronger waves.

I knew this would be hard and it certainly is. Despite the pain filled moments i have had, I still have no regrets at all.

I just did a long walk back and forth down a long hall. One thing that is driving me nuts is a little bit of facial hair on my chin. One thing I don’t need is dysphoria right now. You can see it in the picture of you zoom in 🙁 My mom will help me shave it off when she gets here today though)

Yesterday I was helped from my bed to the commode and during that moment I finally got a glimpse of what is now below. They also shaved everything clean down there. All I can say is “Wow!”

I will keep posting as I can. There are many tired moments after physical therapy where I need to sleep or just rest.

Thank you again to those out there that helped make this happen by donating. Also I want to thank everyone for the many messages of support. I have been reading them 😉