I’m just a silly cis 19 yr old girl, but I’m part of the lgbt+ community. Your blog is always so lovely and is sometimes even just a tear jerker for me because you’re seriously so cool. Your kids are super lucky to have such a brave mom! I have trans friends, and while I’ll never be able to stop worrying for them and how the world is, you give me so so so so much hope. and like i said, I’m just a random grl… also: I really hope I can look as good as you when im 40!!!! ilu!!! have a good day!!

Wow, thank you so much for such an amazing pick me up message 🙂 I am glad to know my story is impacting all types of people. Oh, and being a random 19 year old in no way should make you feel silly or like a nobody. You just changed my whole day with your words 😉 You have power girl!