After seven days in the hospital for my gender confirmation surgery, I am home. I am feeling so much better already. The last few days were rather horrible as I was battling nausea so I did not post until now.

My mom needed a break due to poor sleep so I spent two nights and a full day in the hospital on my own toward the end. I knew my mom really needed the break so I did my best to tough it out without her. I am not ashamed to admit that during that time alone I cried at least 3 times. My body was under insane stress from the procedures and with the nausea and prolonged stomach issues it was just too much.

I had amazing nurses and care technicians though. The housekeeping lady (a woman likely in her 90s) heard my crying at one point and she came into the room and soothed me out of it as if I was her young daughter. I am crying a little right now as I think about that.

The ride home with my mom today was extremely difficult due to Chicago traffic on the day before Thanksgiving. It was 1 hr 45 min .. very uncomfortable with lots of stop and go traffic complete with potholes 🙁

I will be in recovery for many weeks to come yet. I am exhausted, and emotionally spent, but also so very grateful to be where I am right now in this moment.

Thank you to those who were encouraging me during my hospital stay. I read all of the messages but muscle relaxers and exhaustion made it difficult to even hold up my phone for very long.

I will increase my post frequency again now that I am home. Time to eat and rest for now.

Love you all,