Surgery Recovery Update – A Scary Situation

Hi everyone. I did not post yesterday because it was kind of a rough day. The reason was not related to my current condition. In fact, I am progressing well and healing at an expected pace. I am able to be up and about for longer and longer periods of time each day.

However, yesterday I woke up to a very scary situation. Mornings are the toughest time for me because while sleeping my pain medication (which is just Tylenol or Advil at this point) wears off. I woke up with quite a lot of pain. I heard my mom’s voice faintly through the wall in the other room and she said my Dad’s name. I guessed that she was on the phone with my dad. I was in enough pain where I wanted to ask her to bring in some Advil and fresh water for me and let the Advil take effect before I got out of bed. So, assuming the call was over when she got quiet, I called out to her. She didn’t come and instead I heard her faintly repeating my dad’s name again and again. It was then that I realized her voice sounded off.

I instantly knew something was wrong and my adrenaline started pumping. I got out of bed fast, grabbed my cell phone from the charger, and found her sitting up in bed drenched in sweat and calling for my dad. Her eyes were glazed over and I knew this was a diabetic attack. I tried to gently snap her out of it and she was totally disoriented and kept saying, “what?” She could not process my words.

I called my Dad and told him what was happening and asked what I should give her to boost her blood sugar. I kind of knew the answer but wanted to make sure. He said to give her some juice to start. I put him on speakerphone so he could talk to her while I rushed to the kitchen to get some juice and a straw for her. She sipped it and after a little while of resting she was more coherent and told me where her little candy bars were. She ate two of those and assured me she would be fine. I went into the kitchen to finally get my Advil and realized I was feeling no pain at all. Adrenaline is amazing stuff. I felt no pain the entire time I was on my feet helping her which turned out to be close to twenty minutes. Eventually after resting more, then taking a shower my mom was back to her normal self and trying to do too much as usual. We decided it would be best if she went home. After she left, predictably I cried the stress away. It was so scary. That was the first time I experienced something like that with her. I was knowledgeable enough to not totally panic, but it is still a very hard thing to see happening to someone you love so much.

So, as of 3 pm yesterday I have been on my own. My parents are going to come here together on Monday. Having my mom with me would certainly be easier but in no way do I want to risk something happening to her.

I am not able to put on my socks right now and my movement is limited. I also am not supposed to carry anything over 10 pounds but that is fine. As for my feet, I just keep a cozy blanket on the sofa to toss over them and I am fine.

I woke up this morning with a lot more energy and took a shower with some music blasting to start the day. I feel good. My stomach is in much better shape after having plenty of coconut milk yogurt yesterday (had to replenish the good bacteria in my gut).

I just have to take things slow and plan my movements as I lay down and stand up. I also keep my phone at my side at all times in case anything strange happens and I need to call for help. The night before my mom’s attack, she had made extra food so I have left overs and can always order delivery.

I got this 🙂


Thanks everyone, I talked to my mom and her blood sugar is still a little low so I am glad she went home yesterday to get back on her normal schedule. As for me, I am doing fine, taking it slow and easy. 😉