I got in a little Holiday shopping today before it gets totally nuts out there!

There are some particular gifts that I can’t wait to see my kids open 😉

I won’t be streaming tonight as there is some website work I need to do. I will be streaming on Sunday though!

A Message of Thanks – 12/14/2017

My overall mood and outlook is building to this joyful state that sometimes scares me. It feels like when I get to this point something bad tends to happen or some big road block gets placed in my path. I don’t want to have that fear anymore. This year has been so incredibly challenging and I spent much of it planning and working towards making this surgery happen. I made it through road block after road block and hurdle after hurdle. Somehow, (and with some help from donations from some of you) it all came together. I have this intensely grateful and peaceful feeling entering into this holiday season that is hard to accurately describe.

I just want to say thank you to all of you for encouraging me, helping both in tactile ways with donations and emotional ways with your supportive messages. I feel like I got through this year with a constant cheering section at my side. That helps in so many ways!

As I have said before, I do not plan to disappear. My blog and website will continue and I will still keep you all posted on all things Ari. I hope you all stick around for my continued adventures 😉 Speaking of which, look for a post late Saturday night regarding a fun change!