All Good Here!

I received some messages of people just checking to make sure I was okay because I had not posted much this week. That was sweet, but rest assured, I am doing well. I was working from home this week and I also was working on a side project in the evenings which I will be announcing on New Years Day. 

I did take a little bit of an intentional break from tumblr this week as I am getting an increase in these types of messages (see about two-thirds down in the screenshot)..


A Quick Ari Rant

It is getting really tiresome to have anonymous idiots sending messages like those. I mean, I do not think I could be much more transparent (lol a pun!) about my “status” in that department with all of my recent posts about my surgery and such. I think there is just a large increase in the number of chasers using tumblr to troll for quick pictures to pleasure themselves to (which, by the way, I NEVER post nudes and won’t so STOP ASKING!). To them, I say try READING posts once in a while. tumblr has a wonderful community of gifted artists, writers, musicians, photographers, comedians, and all around amazing people. It can be an incredible source for learning and broadening your world view. Stop reducing it to something so trivial and pathetic. 


To all you quality tumblr-ers out there. I luv ya!


Back to my post.. 

I have also been out shopping this week trying to find the all important NYE dress. I will post my outfit and look for the evening sometime tomorrow. My friends and I have some great plans to celebrate the new year and I will write about that as I am able either tomorrow or Monday. 

For now, here is a few photos from this week since I had not posted.

The dress in the dressing room mirror shot is actually what I wore out shopping. I still need to wear loose clothing because of surgery recovery so it has all been sweater dresses or loose thick winter tights and skirts to try and stay warm.

Also, I am still loving how my hair captures light differently in different environments. It looks very violet at times and very red at other times 😉

My over-the-top shopping outfit 😉

(and no that is not a run in my tights it is a weird reflection from my camera, I know because it moved in the very next shot)

Check back here soon for an announcement 🙂