Hey tumblr.. I just wanted to say a quick thank you for 15,000 followers. I am glad my blog is enjoyed by so many people. I know from the messages and feedback I receive that many of you are not just here chasing selfie pics. It has been a wild three years!

Knowing that my blog could one day disappear from tumblr, I have been working on duplicating it elsewhere. You can now find nearly all of my posts in a format that makes it easier to jump more quickly back in time. Look for it on my personal website under Blog > ‘tumblr posts’ at http://arianadanielle.com

I am not going to stop posting here, instead items will be cross posted. I want my transition and experience to continue to be available regardless of if tumblr is always around or not. I hope my story continues to be a positive example for other transgender people or anyone looking to learn and find that we are just decent people dealing with being born a little differently from others.

Personally, I don’t think I will ever see being born transgender as being a curse. As I look back at my own blog and story, I see difficult times being overcome by finding positivity during dark times and ultimately a level of happiness being found that I previously could not fathom. Not only that, but things are still getting better!

Hang in there people! Persist!


@ariana_T_G on Twitter