Please Help If You Can

Hi all. This week, I have hit a stress level that no one should have to deal with. I have been going back and forth with my insurance company and the intermediary company that handles mental health coverage. After following the WPATH guidelines with my surgeon’s office, counselor, and psychiatrist, my insurance company issued a pre-authorization for my gender confirmation surgery back in August of last year. Knowing that and through a partially completed level of fund raising, I was able to have my surgery done in November. My insurance company followed the ACA last year and finally began covering transgender health care and it even says so in my companies documentation for the health plan. However, now they are trying to claim it is a non-covered benefit and that only the mental health intermediary might cover it. This all goes against what I have in black and white in letters and documentation, so I have a fight on my hands. Along with all of this are some bills for appointments leading up to and post surgery that have gone through the process and have been covered to an extent. I am now facing paying my portion of those bills and doing my best to do so. 

I am going to list my you caring page here again in the hopes that some of you may find yourself in a situation where you can assist me with some of these bills. I know I am at a privileged point. My surgery is complete and I was recently given a clean bill of health from my followup appointments.

I am so incredibly grateful to be at this point. I am also well employed and have a regular paycheck, but I am still facing a financial shortfall due to continually paying out a bankruptcy repayment schedule from my divorce last year and all of these bills. Due to that bankruptcy, I do not have a credit card for emergencies or anything to fall back on. I do not actually expect anything more from my followers nor do I want anyone to donate if it might put them out financially in any negative way. If however, you are a person who donates occasionally and happily to those who try to contribute to the trans and lgbt communities, then please consider donating a small amount below. The power of numbers here with my 15,000+ followers would go a long way even with small amount donations. Imagine if just half of you were able to donate even $2. Seriously, no amount is too small.

Through this blog, my website (, and my efforts on Twitch (, I do my best to provide an example of how even a late transitioning transgender woman can live happily being her authentic self. I know through feedback and kind messages that many find inspiration and hope from my story and that is why I stay visible and intend to do so indefinitely. I also know that financial struggles are a common theme for those transitioning. By being an out and open example, I hope in some small way I am able to change that for future people that transition.

Please help only if you can: