Hi tumblr 🙂

I have shaken off the winter blahs. Today is a good day.

This is going to sound weird, but I think I have been harboring some low level anxiety about my health ever since my surgery on November 15th. It is as if I have been waiting for something to bad to happen.. or a call from the surgeon saying.. “sorry but your surgery needs to be undone. Get back over here so we can attach this to you.. ”

😉 I know that sounds ridiculous, but try to imagine what it is like to go through a dramatic surgery that involves a long recovery followed by lots of time of forced rest and very careful restricted movement. I felt more fragile and more timid about my daily actions. I think I had a fear I was going to “break” something.

Instead.. I was returning to my office by week five and partying with my friends in a hotel on New Years Eve. Now, I am approaching the very important 3 month mark. For anyone that has undergone this surgery.. they already know what the 3 month mark means.. how do I put this..

I will be free to:

“get busy”
“get it on”
“go at it”
“have a go”
“hit a home run”
have a “bit of how’s your father”
“take it out in trade”

and yes in the words of Commander Data, everything is “fully functional in every way”

I hope that makes sense 😉 So.. here’s to well.. all of that! Raise a glass!