Major website update!

I have been a busy bee working to get my blog entries cross-posted and presentable on my personal website for transgender advocacy.

Head over to to see my latest modifications to the website. The timeline code I was specifically modifying can now be found at: 

The timeline is massive so you need to keep scrolling for it to fetch new entries. Click “Read More” to see the full entry on any given timeline item.

In the past I only had a milestone timeline that required me to work up totally separate posts in a different format. This was time consuming and hard to keep up with. Now, I can post either to my website or tumblr and everything will stay in sync. The milestone timeline is still there, but as you can see at this point the last entry was from 2017. I will be moving some entries to the milestone timeline this weekend (um.. hello.. I had my surgery!)

Hmm.. what should I work on next??