All caught up with posts now! I never got to do a THANK YOU FOR 25,000 FOLLOWERS POST! My tumblr blog hit that number about 30 days ago and that is with me blocking well over a thousand porn blogs who kept re-blogging my posts despite the fact that I have never posted any NSFW nude or porn related pics. Anyway.. thank you to those who follow me more for my story and posts about my life than to simply see a picture.

Tonight (12/16/2018), I will be streaming on It will be a chill, retro pc build stream where I build a classic 486 PC for gaming with my old software from that era. It will be a good chance to chill and talk with those of you in chat too so please join and participate! I should be online by about 8pm central time after I get a little shopping done today.

I was dumping a bunch of my drafts from Instagram that never made it to my blog. These are from the last two months or so. I hope tumblr survives this nonsense they have decided to pull, because a lot of LGBTQ+ people are on here that like myself share their lives and experiences without posting NSFW content. I will see what tumblr is like in the coming weeks and months and decide whether or not to stick with it. As you can see from these backlogged draft posts, I was already stepping back from using it as a main blog. If anyone has followed me here over the past 4 years and wants to keep on following me. My instagram is linked here, but also I have these websites: Main Blog: and twitch landing page:

-Love you all, Ariana

Regarding the photos above.. There was a lack of posts lately due to wrapping up one last project for the year at work along with health appointments for my kids and I, dating, social events with friends, getting shopping done etc.. I had a chance to get my hair and nails done last night and pick out a couple of new winter outfits though. I am tired but enjoying the holiday season so far 😊
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