Do you all remember Second Life? The makers of that amazing virtual world that allowed creators to do amazing things is back.. with Sansar, a free to use virtual multiverse that will allow you to experience everything from virtual concerts to custom hangout game nights with friends 😊 I was invited to stream a special concert event (with #blasterjaxx) on Thursday 09/26/2019 from 4pm to 6pm PST. I am asking my followers to download this free game and give it a try to prepare to join me in the game on Thursday! No VR device is necessary but is of course fun to use if you have one. Please use the link in my profile to download the installer. My current task in game is trying to match my new hair color on my avatar 😊😅 I keep looking in the mirror.. lol. The avatar customization tools are very cool btw. #freepcgame #specialevent #maidenarianaisinthemultiverse #womenintech #retronerdgirl #blackcherrysurprise #checkthisout #dotnetdev #dotnetdeveloper #blackcherrysurprisehaircolorishardtomatchvirtually #girlslikeus #transvengers #lgbt #sansar #secondlife #pcgamergirl #twitchaffiliate download Sansar here using my code!
Download sansar and join Ariana tomorrow!