Okay you all.. I kind of had abandoned my blog on tumblr after it seemed like tumblr was dying off.. but it is still here and so are a lot of good people. So, I have 6 months worth of Instagram and website blog posts to catch up on posting here to tumblr! I will be posting 5 to 10 a day to catch up! Sorry for taking over your feed for a bit! -Ariana

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Originally posted to instagram 04/15/2019

I had a wonderful weekend hanging out with my son at a gaming convention in Milwaukee. We got to enjoy table top gaming and just hanging out in a decent hotel. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to be able to just sit with him and play games and have him high five me with a humongous grin on his face. He rocked the strategy and has such a sharp mind. I freaking love my kids so much. I am kind of wiped out after all the socializing there and then driving us back in a snow storm. Thankfully there was the GoT premiere tonight. I hope you all had a great weekend too! After all of this traveling, I will finally get back to streaming on Twitch.
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