Okay you all.. I kind of had abandoned my blog on tumblr after it seemed like tumblr was dying off.. but it is still here and so are a lot of good people. So, I have 6 months worth of Instagram and website blog posts to catch up on posting here to tumblr! I will be posting a bunch with this intro to catch up! Sorry for taking over your feed for a bit! -Ariana

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Originally posted to intagram 05/02/2019

Ever get back from a vacation and feel like the world is punishing you for taking time for yourself? The world exploded in on me last night and today. We had issues with a rollout at work and I was up until almost 1am to help with that. Then there was fallout and catching up today because of that. I was making some uncharacteristic mistakes and feeling stupid while trying to find one last issue. Also, my kids were here and I could not give them the attention I wanted at lunch and dinner time after missing them last week due to catching up on work. During a conference call, I heard someone accidentally misgender me on the phone. No wonder, my voice was stressed and tired. It’s been a long time since that has happened. I just wanted to hang up and cry. On top of all that, I just really want to be back in LA and run away from it all for just a short while.. I miss the feeling of being stress free and happy. Arrgh. I do feel better now though. I needed to decompress and got to go to the salon for a blowout on my hair. It needed it after traveling. I also streamed again finally on twitch and said hi to some friends there. My night ended well and I am feeling better but what a day. twitch.tv/maidenariana
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