Okay you all.. I kind of had abandoned my blog on tumblr after it seemed like tumblr was dying off.. but it is still here and so are a lot of good people. So, I have 6 months worth of Instagram and website blog posts to catch up on posting here to tumblr! I will be posting a bunch with this intro to catch up! Sorry for taking over your feed for a bit! -Ariana

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Originally posted to intagram 04/29/2019

Alas, the time has come my friends to say goodbye to LA and also to the @mikaelaville 😫 I can’t complain too much though as I am told I get to count her as one of my 😊 For those who wonder what she is like IRL.. she is just as and hilarious and as wonderful as you think she is. She is absolutely her authentic self in her videos and posts. I am going to miss spending time with her tremendously. She made me laugh harder than I think I ever have and even taught me some things about myself as well. Until next time Mika!
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