After sleeping for 32 of the prior 48 hours I mostly kicked my cold/ sinus infection (just in time for this snow storm, yay?) and made it to my salon appointment yesterday. Caring for hair that has gone through as many changes as mine sometimes involves trimming and cutting damaged tresses. It can be tough to wait for regrowth when you are wanting a different length. But of course I have been through that stage and many more before 😉 I have a gallery on my new Patreon account (linked in my profile) showing my 4 years of hair changes with 332 images. Looks like I will be continually adding to it as I take another journey to shoulder length hair. If you are interested in following along with that and seeing my other galleries on Patreon. Please join the other amazing people who have signed up to support my effort to trade time needed doing a second job for more time writing & creating content that is fun, full of positivity, and supports my advocacy efforts.
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