BIRTHDAY STREAM PLAN There is no transvengers show tomorrow night, but I am going to attempt a 12 hour birthday stream tomorrow on my twitch channel. I am off of work and will be celebrating with my kids this weekend.. so that leaves my actual birthday open to celebrate with you all! I will be doing things I find fun and relaxing while hanging out with you. It also will let people get a sense of what my channel is like if it is their first time trying twitch. So please stop by at! Ari’s 12-Hour June 18th Birthday Stream Plan…

(All Times are Central Timezone.. 2 hours ahead of Pacific Time Mika!)

3pm to 5pm – Possible Outdoor Walk with Ari (weather permitting).. then Building the Antec Tower Windows 2000 Machine
5pm to 6pm – Sushi Dinner with Ari
6pm to 7pm – Special Rune II Segment
7pm to 3am – Hard Cider Time and Various Gaming (some JackBox with friends, Marbles on Stream, some Retro, some Rocket League)

Times are approximate, and there will be a little break in between certain segments especially if I end up going for a walk.

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