Wow, my science officer outfit beat out the swimsuit pics this year. Score one for us nerds! These are my top nine Instagram posts based on likes. Thanks for caring to check in once in a while on little old me you all during a crazy year that none of us will ever forget. Purposefully increasing my streaming presence during the pandemic was as theraputic for me as having a regular hang out to go to ( just as some of you said to me). I tried to make the best of 2020 and even found someone special to spend new years with (looking at you @bumblebriannah). Here’s also to somehow hitting 35k in followers. I don’t see those numbers and associate any real value to them (as they can be fleeting and gone in an instant) other than to think that there is a group of people out there scattered around the planet that know I exist and care that I am in this world. You know what.. that is pretty cool, so thank you all. Happy New Year! 🥂🥳🎉🎊🍻👯‍♀️