Last night I hosted what will be a new semi regular event on my Twitch channel that I call Rockabilly Rocket League. I love this style of dress 👗 and I am happy to have another excuse to wear one often. If you like smiling curly haired maidens in flouffy crinoline/petticoat outfits mixed with fast pace rocket powered vehicles playing futbol, then give my twitch channel a follow (that was a mouthful). You can see last night’s stream there in the videos section by the way. Also.. I did a whole photoshoot with this look. I will be posting some of them to my current Instagram story and all of the rest will go into a new Patreon gallery. As always, visit my Instagram profile for my official links page. Supporting me through Patreon, Twitch, or any of the other methods linked there is always appreciated. Doing so helps me free up time from my 3 other jobs to instead create more content and to continue writing my book. Love you all 💘! #ringletcurls #curlyhair #patterndress #rockabilly #retronerdgirl #petticoateddress #crinolinedress #fuschiagirl #maidenariana #decadeofari #transvengers #lgbt #twitchaffiliate #ihaveapatreon #linksinprofile #girlwiththeringletcurls

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