I’m not sure what’s up with a few random negative comments I’ve been getting from people lately. One guy felt I was not giving him his due on ‘appreciating the compliments he was regularly giving.’ I didn’t know we signed a contract. Let me be clear. I appreciate those who care to follow and especially those who bother to send a positive comment. I read them all. Many make me smile. I notice and of course recognize those names that comment more regularly. Do I respond to everyone.. no.. will I start? No. It is not an attention contest, it is not a dating app. I am sharing glimpses of my life as a person who has overcome a lot to be who I am. That’s it. I expect nothing from all of you and I hope you only expect me to drop in here a few times a week and leave a post trying to spread positivity. That’s the deal. I care about you all, wish I could help everyone or give advice to everyone that needs it but I can’t. I do reach back out to people and share more direct advice or help from time to time as I am able. I am not a celebrity or ‘full time influencer’ or a counselor. I am a parent of 2 kids with an IT career, a side consulting business, a side entertainment (twitch) business, and I am constantly trying to make ends meet because of a divorce and bankruptcy that I have been clawing my way out of. I am as busy as anyone else and likely more than some. This account is about positivity, I am not concerned with follower numbers. I blocked the dude. Take that stuff somewhere else. Here is one piece of advice to all women on this app.. Don’t ever let a follower gaslight you into playing a game of responding to their dms defending yourself against their negativity. Block them. No words needed. If you feel offended by this post then please unfollow me. #msarimoment #idoloveyouall #keepitpositiveplease #99percentofyouarejustamazinglykindpeople #maidenariana #decadeofari #hazeleyes #tealsweaterdress #freshblowout #fuschiablondelob #transvengers #lgbt #twitchaffiliate #linksinprofile